Who Is God?

There is no need for an Odyssean journey to find God. God is that part of all of us, an altered consciousness, to potentially guide us through life, if we so choose." says the author of this inspirational book delving into his own mystical journey which culminated in a brilliant and searching inquiry into the reality of God. Each chapter stands alone and can be ead and understood without reference to the other chapters. Key concepts are reinforced in each chapter in a soft, iterative style. Read them through once to get the full picture, and review them thereafter in small chunks. Use these ideas as seeds to germinate and grow as they will in your mind to start with, in contemplative meditation, until you reach a stage where you know what there is to be known.

Excerpt . . .

Life, as we know it is all about self-aggrandizement. Our thinking processes and mundane activities are subverted by our ego to meet the needs of life. If we objectively examine the working of our mind, we will notice that the mind is preoccupied with the creation of images and feelings based on the sensations that then drive us into various patterns of behavior to interact with the world. It gives us an identity and sets us apart from everything else. With conscious effort, however, we can cut adrift the thoughts in our mind as well as the sense of separateness that creates them. We can let go all the imagery and emotions we create in our mind in interpreting the universe the way we wanted. The mind in its natural state, that is, without the clutter of thoughts and emotions, is the closest it can come to God, a state we call here Self, a pure consciousness. Self is Absolute in that it exists in and by itself without relation to anything else. It can neither be caused nor destroyed. Like the thoughts in our mind, the so-called reality, the cosmos, is also the creation of our sense of separateness. It collapses to the same state of the absolute as the Self when we bring the mind to its natural state. Paradoxical as it may first appear, the Self is therefore the same Absolute we refer to as God, the Father, Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, Tao, Ch'i, Spirit, Light or whatever name it is called. Self shares the same womb of creation as the rest of our universe, where, as scientists tell us, the quantum strings vibrate creating out of nothing the dance and play of the universe we call reality. The same Absolute, omniscient and omnipotent, that creates and runs every bit of this universe also runs our affairs hidden in us as Self. Self is eternal, without form or substance, without limits, because time, space and physicality are all thoughts that the mind generates to meet our needs and are not absolute. It is a consciousness. By liberating our minds, and realizing that Self, we allow the Absolute to shine through our lives. We clear the way to become more a God than a human and achieve a harmony between our outer and inner selves.

by Mohan Rao