Anthology of poetry from Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Two volumes available, 1996 and 1998,
the results of the Loft Press biennial poetry competition
held in the late nineteen-nineties.
Features poetry from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia,

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from Winchester to Roanoke

Excerpt from 1996 edition . . .

Snakes do not Convey

you tell me there are snakes living on my mountain
i don't like hearing that i love my boulders

and my piles of dark stones
they were deeded to me so

i pretend they are mine
but snakes do not convey

Excerpt from 1998 edition . . .

Will You be My Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine
and fill my heart with love's sweet wine?
Will your smiling face reveal
affection you just can't conceal?
Will your sparkling eyes speak out
and banish all a lover's doubt?
Will your tongue and lips command
a wind to keep desire fanned?
Will our hearts so intertwine
Oh, will you be my Valentine?

$20.00 each edition, $35.00 for both
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