Isaac Chin examines Joran Van der Sloot:
his personal history, his surroundings. Following up on his earlier book, The Natalee Holloway Case, Chin gives a complete background of the places, the times, and the actors, debunks the more fanciful theories, and offers a scenario of his own. Chin, a longtime resident of Aruba, saw with dismay the circus develop . . . and notes that there is yet no proof that Joran Van der Sloot murdered Natalee Holloway or Stephany Flores, or anyone else. Chin paints a picture of a psycologically complicated manchild, intelligent, reckless, attractive to women, a habitual liar. Joran, caught with his pants down, so to speak, has been accused, tried in the court of public opinion, and even issued a guilty plea, later retracted. But until proven guilty, Joran, like any other accused, should be given the benefit of the doubt on the strength of the rule, “innocent until proven guilty.” Joran, Joran; My Son, My Son offers a detailed timeline of the locations,the people involved, and the Aruban justice system. Chin pulls no punches . . . he knows the place and the people. Isaac Joseph Chin has written Tilly the White-Liver Woman: Stories of the Caribbean, and The Natalee Holloway Case, both available from Loft Press. Mr Chin is also the author of Where Is Choy? an autobiography; Gardening Without Tears; and Galaxy of Fruits Aruba Grows

Excerpt . . .

When preparing The Natalee Holloway Case, I did not seek, nor did I receive, any inside information. But, since then, some crucial information was leaked to me—some unwittingly. This, coupled with the fact that no one has yet pub-licly disputed the contents of The Natalee Holloway Case but have remained silent, tells me that their silence indicates consent. I would have preferred this book to be the firm and final wrap-up of the Natalee Holloway case, but up popped the Stephany Flores case which, though literally unrelated to the Natalee Holloway case, cannot be ignored. Therefore, I have included chapters on “The Stephany Flores Case—An Over-view,” and related material, and “Joran van der Sloot—A Personality Profile,” only as supplementary material, but not to link the two cases. To link them as a matter of cause and effect, to be judged and painted with a broad brush would be a mistake. Another error one is apt to make when passing judgement might result from the credibility given to the revelations of psychics and other armchair experts. For example, a claim making the rounds is: Joran is controlled by an evil agent. The events of May 30, 2005 and those of May 30, 2010 are not coincidental, but planned by the agent, or by destiny. Therefore, he will kill again. This is Old English witchcraft, and should be treated as such.

by Isaac Chin