It is unlikely that any one discipline faith has a patent on the whole truth concerning our place in the cosmos. The truth, though obscured, is there before our eyes. When we weigh this information, integrating the concepts of Eastern and Western thought, we are able to see a much clearer picture of the universal arrangements that govern our lives. "Essential Self" is an attempt to bring your true identity into clear focus. Essential Self works on two levels. It operates first, as an original concept of self that shows the human persona in its dynamic form. When you accept this reflection of your true identity it will put an end to your need for superimpositions. It is no longer necessary to be creating exaggerated or self-aggrandizing impressions of yourself and laying these false templates over your natural identity. Secondly, "Essential Self" deals with the conditions of everyday living and provides insight into how to turn it into a more coherent, fulfilling experience. In the absence of philosophy people are left to define themselves through fits of egomania. We keep designing ourselves and redesigning ourselves to fit neatly into this situation or into that circumstance. Yet these impressions we create never become a permanent fixture. In the moment, it all feels very real, even convincing. At days end we are prone to lose our perspective. This continual process of adapting our personalities to every situation of the day produces anxious, unsteady rhythms. We wish there was a constant self inside of us, one that was always present. Or at least never far from where we are. Your essential identity as described here is broken down into three aspects: the sensory nature, the industrious nature and the assertive nature. Coming to grips with the reality of this persona is the gateway to a whole new perspective on everyday living. Essential Self is a living philosophy. It is something you take into yourself and allow it to have impact in your life. It is not something you think. It is not a discipline to be mastered. It is something you embrace because the simple truth of it compels you forward. It is an affirming, energizing perception. If you read this text with an open mind you will come away feeling better about life and feeling better about yourself. I hope these feelings resonate in all your relationships. In just this way the world becomes a better place in which to live.

Excerpt . . .
In the first instant of time, when darkness prevailed, the pure consciousness of God poured itself into the silent space. A blank canvas was waiting to be imprinted by all the textures, colors and rhythms that existed in the mind of this pure consciousness. Specifications such as the point of boiling, the point of freezing, the density of water and the lightness of air were preconceived notions already imagined, and fully alive in the vision of this Cosmic entity. Even before the first act, creation was fully conceived in this imagery. Everything that was to be and everything that is, came forth from that greatest of cataclysmic events. As that tumultuous instant filled the cosmos, the sound of which lingers to this day, God breathed life into creation and dispersed karmic energy into all living things. In so doing the Almighty prepared every species for its cycle of life. You are from God and because this is so you are a sacred force. There is nothing left to chance. The bird knows its time for migrating, the fish knows its time for spawning, and the sun knows its time for rising and setting. The tides obey the Creator's command. There is nothing haphazard in the Creator's design. All that you need—all that is necessary to know—and all that is available to ensure a life of fulfillment and happiness was initiated in that first act. The spiritual breath that brought your ancient ancestors to life is with you still.

by Joseph Walsh